Sunday, March 30, 2014

February 2nd, 2014 – A day that will never be forgotten.

A late blog post. Happened on the 2nd of February, 2014.

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2

          I woke up pretty late that day. My body actually knows when weekdays and weekends. As it was a Sunday, my body felt the need to sleep more, and I also slept a bit late the day before.

          I was to meet my unnirs at 10 but I left my house at quarter to 9. I walked to the train station; took about 15 minutes and around 10 to buy tickets and wait for the train. I, fortunately, had a seat inside. I was late. I thought “my unnirs are definitely going to kill me.” I met Melody unni by 10:30am then waited for Zarah unni for a bit. We bought food and then went outside. We headed for the gates of the coliseum. It was around 11am when we arrived there. There were already a lot of people. Most of them wore blue; “ELFs”. We stood by the gates for around 10 minutes until the guard told us there still won’t be any line. We went to sit near the gates and by 12 noon, we bought food for ourselves. It was time to eat lunch. It was so hard to eat. That time, it really was. But I had to eat. I can’t survive without food. I can’t say no to food. I think I forgot to say Clara unni, Melody unnir’s relative, arrived a bit before we ate. She was an ELF! Not quite sure what happened the next few minutes, I can only remember us, sitting in front of the gates, waiting for a line to happen. While there, another friend of my unnirs arrived; her name was Gennel. She has a very cute name I tell you. I tried to talk to her on twitter but I don’t know, maybe she didn’t see my tweet so she didn’t reply. I thought it would be really hard for me to talk to her. We bought light sticks and other merch after. I became tired of waiting for the line, but I couldn’t just mutter it all out, I silently complained. I brought a book, but it became rather useless as we had to stay alert because the people may get in line any minute. We needed to be ready for running and standing.    The guards said they’d have a line by 5pm, and that time, it was just 2pm. I hated everything that time.

          Past 2:30, people started running, shouting, and getting in line. I panicked to be quite honest. We ran to go to the end of the line but the line was too long. I didn’t even get to reach the end. Well, I didn’t like long lines and neither did Gennel so what we did was complain about the line and went to the beginning of the line. We talked to the ELFs there. We stayed in front of the gates and kept on telling each other to ‘just stay in front of the line’. The line really was just too long. We called the others and wow, we were first in line! :) It was past 3 or maybe a bit before 4 when the guards let us in. We, in line, sat, ate, and talked all those times. During those times, a lady, probably a head of the group, started shouting, well, for the place to be organized. As a sensitive person, I seriously didn’t like her at first. I was scared of her. But then, the place really got organized so I can’t complain. My unnirs said that this one was definitely better than their experience during K-pop Republic. We ate the food we brought as the guards told us it wasn’t allowed inside. Passing food like we knew each other well, it was a really great feeling to be quite honest. It felt like we were part of big family. Meeting all those bunch of people, it meant a lot to me. It’s not every day I get to meet my non-biological family, and it really isn’t every day that I get to talk to them.

          By 5:30pm, we got up and waited in line again. It got hard to breathe. It was hot and the place was closed and I’ve been feeling tired since morning. I was close to fainting that time. And I also badly needed to go to the bathroom. lol.

          It was a bit after 6 that they started getting and scanning our tickets. I thought to myself ‘it’s going to be okay now. I can sit and rest already.’ I was totally wrong. Just as we were to the door, the guards stopped us. It was past 6 and the show was to start 7pm. People were shouting already. We already wanted to go in. Most were already annoyed. And it was hot as well. We were also standing. Past 7pm and we still haven’t gotten inside. Our feet were already hurting a lot. They finally let us in by 7:30pm. There were lots of pushing and running. I was pushed to the door and I couldn’t move. That was so annoying I just wanted to go home and take a bath and sleep. I was like, “I didn’t pay to get hurt.” It really wasn’t nice especially that I was close to fainting due to the heat and exhaustion but I couldn’t complain. All of us were already so tired.

          We got in a few minutes past 7:30. We got the front seats yay! The view was nice though very far away from the stage. People started vacating most of the seats in the general admission and we saw people from the VIP going in already.

          By past 7:45pm, the event started. Various artists performed. I didn’t really know them so I couldn’t say anything but my unni said that they were from K-pop Star Hunt. I just wanted to see my baes lol just kidding.  

          By this point, the artists won’t be in the order of performance because I can’t remember stuff. I can’t even remember my own name. Just kidding but I seriously have forgotten the order. I’m sorry, but BTOB performed first and the last two were B.A.P and SJ-M. 

          The crowd started screaming when BtoB came out. They started with WOW. ‘This is seriously it.’ I cannot remember anything from back then. All I knew was I went all crazy and started waving my light stick in a violent manner. It broke after a few more performances to be very honest. When BtoB performed 2nd Confession, I came close to crying. I kept telling my unni that I was going to cry but well, a tear fell but not really cry cry, I guess. So for AJAX, boy, I really wanted to go to the stage and kiss freaking Seungyeob!  Was he there? I will never know. Last time I checked there were more members than the number who attended the event. I think they were missing one member that time. I wanted them to perform Hot Game because that song was my freaking jam. Loved that song so much, and also Seungyeob. Sadly, they didn’t perform it. It was released in 2012 and it was already 2014. I was sad. I still am, actually. Oh dear, that Seungyeob stare. I’m gonna cry. Haha! Enough with the Seungyeob fangirling, let’s continue. A Prince was there as well. I really didn’t know them and neither did anyone near me. I love their songs though! And they do look like princes. You should search for them. Winkeu winkeu. The crowd got screamed so loud when they performed “Nasa’yo na ang lahat” and “Otso-otso”. I think those songs are popular here in the Philippines but I will never be too sure. They were so adorable. Can I hug them? Please? No? Okay. Block B? *Scott Pilgrim’s voice* I can barely remember. Just kidding! I wasn’t as knowledgeable about them either. I really am not a fan of boy groups. Why did I even go to this freaking concert? I don’t know. Very Good was the only song I knew. I still enjoyed though! Did I mention my unni kept on crying? Hahahaha. B.A.P. went next then. I went all crazy. IT WAS FREAKING B TO THE FREAKIN A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The exclamation marks were needed. All I wanted to do was cry because B.A.P and no I’m not even a Baby. I just… liked them, that’s all. Haha. Now here’s the part where I went crazy and kept crying and recording their performance: BADMAN performance! To be quite honest, this was the only reason I went there. I was all “I want to see them perform Badman!!” because the first time I saw the video of their performance on YouTube, jaw drop. I kept repeating it until 3 in the morning. I wanted to see them perform that very song and I wanted to see them live. That was also the reason why I bought a B.A.P light stick. I kept on crying and I really can’t remember what happened back then. All I can remember is me singing to Badman. Man that was one of the greatest moments of my life. I love you B.A.P! Last one was Super Junior M. I totally forgot to listen to their songs. I know Super Junior’s songs but not M’s. I like them though. My bias wasn’t there. I cried. Where was he? I don’t know. Oppa Oppa was my favorite performance though. I went all crazy because jdkasdhasjkd DONGHAE! Who doesn’t love Donghae? I don’t know. They didn’t end it with an encore and that was totally sad. We waited for a while more when SJ-M left because Siwon! Huhuhu. My precious bias, where did you go????

          I enjoyed every moment of the concert to be very honest. I wasn’t a fan of boy groups but this was a really great experience. Everything was worth it. Next time, though, when SNSD and/or SISTAR come, I’ll definitely get the VIP seats or anything near, just not the standing. I want to see them up close and not like ants or so. I don’t want to make this any longer as this has reached the fourth page in Microsoft Word, with 11 as its font size and courier new.
          Jaa ne~