Monday, December 16, 2013

20 Kpop Questions~

1. Your favorite group(s)?

I support every group I know but here are my favorites:

Girls Generation/So Nyeo Shi Dae | Sistar | EXO | BTS

2. Your bias?

Taeyeon | Jessica | Tiffany | Sunny | Yuri | Hyoyeon | Sooyoung | Seohyun | YoonA
Bora | Hyorin | Dasom | Soyou 

Taemin | HyunA | Chanyeol | Dongwoo | Taecyeon | Jun.K | Min | Gayoon | Hyosung | Leeteuk | Siwon

it is quite acceptable to forget some okay

3. Your favorite song(s)?

snsd and sistar's song accept that

4. Do you ship? So yeah, which pairing(s)?

I know I shouldn't but I do:

YoonYul | JeTi | SunTae | BaekYeol

5. Have you ever gone to a concert?

Nope, sadly. Might be going to Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 tho this 2014.

6. How long have you liked K-pop?

I tried so hard to stay away from Kpop but I've been a fan of SNSD since 2009. Kpop since 2011.

7. Favorite boyband?

EXO and BTS... sadly, lol just kidding. ♥

8. Favorite girlgroup?

SNSD and SISTAR 'til, well, forever.  ♥

9. SMtown or YG entertainment?

I'm a stan of SMEnt so SMTown.

10. How many K-pop songs do you have on your ipod/playlist?

I don't count but more or less a hundred and fifty.

11. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by girlgroups. 

Wow, this is hard. 

Every snsd and sistar song I've heard so far are my faves okay it's hard everyone knows that.

currently my other faves are

Is It Poppin by 4Minute | Yoohoo by Secret | APink's Nonono

I love 2ne1's songs too btw.

12. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by boybands.

what but prolly

Sorry Sorry Answer by Super Junior | I'm A Loner by CNBlue | Infinite's Destiny  

13. Are you taller or shorter than your bias?

why is this question here?

14. What's your favorite lyric?

i dont have okay

jk Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby 

15. Have you made fanart / written a fanfiction?

Nope. I suck at writing stories. I suck at drawing. You're making me sad. 

16. How much kpop merchandise do you have?

I think it should be how many but idk there's quite a lot. But I'm going to tell you that I've spent err my dad has spent more than 10000 pesos on my Kmerch. No, I'm not proud. I'm quite upset actually.

17. Do you have cons/meetings in your country, so yes, have you ever attended to one?

Yes, and yes. 

18. Eldest or maknae?

I like the eldest ones but lol maknaes are too cute not to love. They're all bias wreckers I hate them.

19. Whose birthday is close to yours?


20. Do you watch k-drama? So yes, which one is your favorite?

No, I'm lazy.